The Brief

The process

Define the brand

Defined the core of BHB Pest Elimination, what key differentiators were, and charted a clear roadmap for the steps necessary to enter into their new chosen market along with new avenues for revenue and for engagement with the target market..

Focus on the target customer

Created fully three dimensional profiles of BHB's target clients, beyond simple demographics, and created a prioritized approach on when, where, and how to engage with them for the highest possible return.

Craft the Message

Created a bespoke message to resonate deeply with clients & tailoring variations to be deeply impactful based on the clients' specific needs at particular inflection points.

Back to Basics

BUild Simple.

Chelebi Design simplified BHB's core services into a symbol both universally known and deeply associated with the target market. Strategically, we chose a shape that had enormous positive connotations in context, the hexagon & honeycomb, and one that stood in stark contrast to most of the identifiable icons of BHB's industry.

Build Better.

Utilizing the opportunity created within the honeycomb, Chelebi Design was able to craft a brand identity that offered incredible flexibility to be able to build context sensitive messaging within the logo itself, thus amplifying the power of both the logo and the identity.

Hex #144970
Hex #ffffff
Hex #ffd500
Hex #050000

Custom Icons

Let's Begin

How Can we Help?

How Can we Help?