Brand Strategy

What is Brand Strategy?

How to stand out to your ideal clients using what makes you unique

Your Brand

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Crystal Clear
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Create built in filters, guides, and templates ready to go so you spend less time figuring out what to say and how to say it and more time engaging with your customers

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Brand Attributes

The key aspects that are unique to only your business.

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Who You Are.


Is your business leading the charge in innovation, bringing dynamic revitalization to a flagging market, or are you known for your expertise and commitment to your team? What is your business known for?


Who You Serve


Who are your customers and what makes them unique? Do we draw in the people that want to be inspired or are we known as the go to practical answer for the pragmatics?


What You Sound Like


How does your business sound when you send an email? Or when a customer service rep answers the phone? Are you "all business" or do your customers love the puns included on every webpage, social media post, and every piece of copy?


What You Look/Feel Like


Do you pride yourself on brash colors, head turning typography, and attention grabbing saturated photography? Or are you known for serene, welcoming imagery paired with uplifting videos to soothe and inspire your customers?


How You Change Lives


You've solved a need for every prospect that engages with your business and every one you convert to a client. What's the impact that you've had? Are they blown away by the results, fans of the follow-through, or have they had a truly revolutionary experience?


How You're Unique


Where's your place in the market and what do you bring to your specific customer that they can't find anywhere else? What is that absolutely unique reason your core audience is looking for as the solution to their needs?

Your Customers

Now Seen with incredible detail

Have your customers connect with you as you move past the same old messaging that's flooding the market.

Have your customers connect with you as you move past the same old messaging that's flooding the market.

Speak to their needs on a deeper level by analyzing what they value, where they want to be, and showing them that you're the one with the best solution to get them there.


The Outline

Easy to begin as it includes things like age, location, income, this is foundational and is the starting point for creating your customer profile. And because it’s so easy, everyone in your field is using the same information to target the same people. Use it as a first step to begin to define your customer.


The Silhouette

What are the colors that your customer base responds to? What are the brands that they like and why do they like them? These questions begin to fill in the shape of our target customer. We can begin to think of our brand colors and if they represent the same thing to the customers we’re targeting. Or, we can see what the aspects of other brands they like, such as the motivation to move past your limits or the nostalgia for a bygone era. We can then incorporate these into our own identity, copy, and media.

Goals, Challenges, & Values

The Portrait

What are the points of conflict in your customers’ life? Do they value kindness but constantly lash out due to being burnt out? Do they define success as titles and promotions or conspicuous consumption? By knowing who they are, who they want to be, and what are the pain points that are preventing it, we can figure out when, where, and how to speak to them. By solving their issues and changing their lives for the better, we’ll create lifelong fans of your brand.

From Prospect

To Your Number One Fan

The Path to New Customers
Designed Step by Step

Convert prospects to clients & customers by knowing they’re ready to make a purchase before they do.

Be there
right when
they need you

Create a customer journey that introduces your prospects to your brand organically & when they’re the most receptive.

Be there when they’re looking at options and be the only choice they have when they’ve made their mind to purchase.

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How Can we Help?

How Can we Help?