Bold Drinkware

The Brief

The process

Define the brand

Defined the core of BHB Pest Elimination, what key differentiators were, and charted a clear roadmap for the steps necessary to enter into their new chosen market along with new avenues for revenue and for engagement with the target market..

Focus on the target customer

Created fully three dimensional profiles of BHB's target clients, beyond simple demographics, and created a prioritized approach on when, where, and how to engage with them for the highest possible return.

Craft the Message

Created a bespoke message to resonate deeply with clients & tailoring variations to be deeply impactful based on the clients' specific needs at particular inflection points.

Back to Basics

An Audacious Identity for an incredible Claim

BOLD Drinkware is produced using the highest quality polycarbonate on the planet resulting in a product that is virtually unbreakable. Perfect for outdoor use, it is able to withstand drops, impacts, and even getting run over with trucks. For such an incredible product, the identity had to match in it's audacity.

Back to Basics

Paired with an elevated lifestyle

The durability & clarity comes at an elevated pricepoint, thus creating a conflict in perception (polycarbonate = plastic, thus cheap, disposable) vs. cost. Working hand in hand in launching the brand, we were able to increase the quality control, increase the clarity of the final product, and were able to set creative direction for both in-house and external media for an upscale, elevated look.

Developing A color worth naming

To increase the differentiation further, we worked with the brand to develop a new and distinct proprietary formula for a unique color that looked fantastic indoors and was breathtakingly brilliant in the sun. We call the new formula:

Incredibly unique shapes for Extraordinary Serves

As the target clients would need to not only see the brand as unique and innovative, but it's offerings as well, we worked with the brand to create new, unique shapes that would create further distance between the brand and it's customers.

Stand out Collateral & packaging

As a new brand in a sea of well established competitors, the first engagement of the target clients in retail would have would be on the shelves. Thus we created custom packaging that is both practical, allows the clients to interact and engage with the product, and is visually stunning on the shelf.
We also created unique collateral for both domestic and international retail and commercial sales along with a full suite of collateral.

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How Can we Help?