Chelebi Design

Who We are

CHELEBI DESIGN is a metro New York based full service creative agency with a global reach specializing in brand strategy & design to help you find new clients and increase revenue through focused strategy and incredible design.

We're inspired by the stories of the driven, the passionate, and those who want do impactful work to make their world better, whether locally or globally. Chelebi Design is dedicated to help these individuals, groups, and organizations realize their vision for the betterment of us all.

Armagan Mucahit


Armagan Mucahit has been working with typography, design, and photography since grade school, with his first show at the Lever House in New York City at the age of 10.

His core design philosophy is to drill down every project to it's most simple message and build a platform that can create emotional engagement in parallel to it's business case, ultimately creating a why beyond price and availability.

Armagan has worked with brands such as Apple, The North Face, and Disney. He's also incredibly proud to have worked with many small to medium sized business as each one of them are collections of individuals and families that are working hard to grow together.


Tom St. John / Pantheon usa

Our clients define our brand and their continued trust in us and our recommendations are at the heart of Chelebi Design.

While their results speak the loudest, their kinds words are the most impactful. Thank you to all who take the time publicly or privately to share your thoughts with us.