The Brief

The process

Define the brand

Defined the core of BHB Pest Elimination, what key differentiators were, and charted a clear roadmap for the steps necessary to enter into their new chosen market along with new avenues for revenue and for engagement with the target market..

Focus on the target customer

Created fully three dimensional profiles of BHB's target clients, beyond simple demographics, and created a prioritized approach on when, where, and how to engage with them for the highest possible return.

Craft the Message

Created a bespoke message to resonate deeply with clients & tailoring variations to be deeply impactful based on the clients' specific needs at particular inflection points.

Back to Basics

Moving past the past

Andrea Visgilio McGrath (AVM) helps clients regain their freedom through making them whole again. AVM helps to remove the stress of restrictive cash flow due to non-payment to clients of AVM and helps them to get their businesses to where they want.

AVM needed to create a strategy and identity to stand out in a saturated market with deeply rooted misgivings and pre-conceived notions and to connect with it's audience on how AVM could change their lives.

Distinctly Modern With timeless Service

Chelebi Design created an identity that was distinctly modern, approachable, yet retained the professionalism necessary for it's market. It also reflected AVM's incredible service while immediately visually distinguishing AVM from it's competitors.

Hex #3c4c4e
Hex #ffffff
Hex #e1cba8
Hex #050000

Let's Begin

How Can we Help?

How Can we Help?