Brand Audit

Case Studies

The Brief

Client intended to introduce a new line of polycarbonate tabletop products to the U.S. and challenge an incumbent brand with over 20 years of market presence.


Position the new polycarbonate line as a dynamic, innovative, and premium collection to the upper end of both the commercial and retail market.



Bold enough to be used almost anywhere, Bold Drinkware is constructed from the highest quality premium polycarbonate and is built to last. Each piece has been engineered to take drop after drop and spill after spill and without chipping, breaking, or shattering. Paired with the shine and brilliance of Crystal Sapphire, it's the perfect way to add robust luxury to each serve on deck, on the terrace, or anywhere else you're bold enough to use it.


Undeniably innovative, Bold Drinkware pairs the incredible clarity, shine, and robust performance of polycarbonate with refreshingly unique and innovative designs.


Instant communication of brand attributes through the brand's name and the use of large, loud yet minimalist typography, and simple color palette.

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Launched to rousing success key international hospitality groups committed to global roll out while 5 year revenue projections have increased over 300%.

The Brief

Create a print and digital media identity for a new Mexican restaurant concept that combats common and pervasive negative associations with both the cuisine and identity.


Create a new identity to increase sales and market perception due to languishing market share and primary association with discount department stores.


Remove factory branding and create an identity focused on sustainability
without compromising luxury. For relevant markets, highlight durability to differentiate versus other crystal competitors.


Make use of entrenched market attributions such as the leaf & the color green while elevating them through typography, premium color associations, and elevated lifestyle imagery.


Installed in globally recognized luxury hotels and resorts and Michelin Starred restaurants leading to the highest revenue over the last decade. This was achieved despite choosing to shutter agreements with the largest retail accounts nationally.